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One of the major contributing factors to domestic violence is early forced and arranged marriages.

It is clear from all indicators that most parents force and arrange marriages for their children without seeking for their consent which is a violation of their Human Right. According to Article 6a of the protocol to the African Charter on human and People’s Right on the Rights of Women in Africa states that, no marriage shall take place without the FREE and FULL consent of both parties. This in most cases leads to wife blathering, marital rapped, uncompleted formal education and physical body damage, sexual abuse among others.

Early forced and arranged marriages is a key contributing factors to domestic violence in our communities as the girl will never do anything to please her husband which leads to the severe battering by the husband. For example, there was a couple around my neighborhood, prior to their marriage, they never meet each other but they are cousins. They happen to be married due to the commitments made by their parents. Unfortunately, the couple never grow to like each other or even love each other. As i get to know them, i learned that both husband and wife were in a serious relationship prior to marriage which probably will end up in marriage before their parents impose on them. It was horrible. As a neighbor, i witnessed several episodes of their fights and bitter argument and fights which start from the first day the wife arrived in her husband’s house. This is only one of much domestic violence you have due to forced and arranged early marriage.

Another issue with forced and arranged early marriage is the fact that the children especially the girl child has to stop the formal education to get married. Some of these girls are bright students always at the top of their class. But their potential is diminished in order to satisfy their parents’ selfish desire of marrying them out. Only one percent (1%) of the husbands allow and support wives to finish their education and achieve their goals.are our future and we need to do whatever it takes to ensure that they have a chance for a better future by educating them and protecting their rights. Teenagers are our future and we need to do whatever it takes to ensure that they have a chance for a better future by educating them and protecting their rights.

Forced and arranged marriages does not only deprive them from education but also destroys their body (physical). Because, many of this girls are young teenagers and cannot sustain a full time pregnancy as a result face some difficulties during child birth which causes most of the damages on their body. This in most cases can lead to poor physical and mental health.

The main aim of this blog as part of a community project i am working on the is: To reduce the amount/number of early marriage in our community and also empower the girl's to make an informed decision about the man they want to marry and at their own time.


To pave way for women and girls to make informed decisions on the right time of marriage and the appropriate choice of getting the right man at the convenient time.


A better community with active and effective female participation in making decisions on issues affecting their own lives.

Therefore, i create this blog( part of my community project strategy- Moremi Initiative) as a tool to raise awareness about domestic violence( more especially early marriage) and the important role that the public can play to address its causes and consequences. I firmly believed that, we need to reduce or stop early marriage from happening in the first place, and to provide help and support to girls who are victims.

comments are welcomed from all readers because sharing our ideas on the issue in hand will make a big difference in the the future....TOGETHER WE CAN!

by: fcmalang

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Violence against women is a worldwide yet still hidden problem. Freedom from the threat of harassment, battering, and sexual assault is a concept that most of us have a hard time imagining because violence is such a deep part of our cultures and lives.