Sunday, August 14, 2011

entertainment industry for the Gambians

Do you know what the 3 major problems are in the entertainment industry for the Gambians in the Diaspora? No matter what side of the globe you reside on, we all struggle with the right Gambian entertainment programs, news and culture coming our way.
Not anymore………..

The truth is, in over 10 years of professional broadcasting in media, and producing many TV programs, which have been translated into different languages, there are few people I would consider "qualified" to give best entertainment to our people in the Diaspora.

However, my good friend, Essa Jallow, is one of them. He’s a world-renowned broadcaster, producer, and life coach…one of the pioneers in GRTS and there’s a reason for it. Click on this link and see the amazing work Essa is bringing to Gambians in the Diaspora, our own Gambian online TV bringing all issues from around the Gambia to YOU.
Top programmes coming include: BANJUL BANJUL with Ebrima Jawo, TALK ON ISLAM and many more………
Supersonicz Channel Gambia is the newest online Gambian TV that will bring you entertainment from all corners of the smiling coast of the Gambia.

Supersonicz does not pioneer itself in helping Gambians in only money transfer and freighting and forwarding services, but has also come with this wonderful idea of entertaining and educating Gambians and reaching out to Gambians in the 4 corners of the globe.
Please click on the link below to become a fan of Supersonicz page so that you can receive all the updates and events coming on your way from the Gambia`s foremost, Essa Jallow for the latest in the entertainment industry. Please visit

Fatou C Malang


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