Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Education Authorities Need to Explain

Many parents of girl children are coming to us to explain that they are finding it difficult to get assistance from relatives abroad or NGOs at home, to pay the tuition and fees of their girl children.

According to them, those who used to assist them claim that it has been announced by the Government that there is free education for girls in the Gambia. We have been monitoring the bills of girls at the Upper Basic and Senior Secondary Level and can see what the parents are complaining about. What is clear from the bills issued by Upper Basic Schools is that Girls pay 375 dalasis less than the rate established for boys. At Senior Secondary School the girls pay 600 dalasis less than what is paid for the boys.Girls who are worse off are the ones moving to grade 10 who have to purchase text books. We have seen bills ranging from D5000 to D10, 500. Parents are wondering what is what. Unless the Government issues a Press Release on the matter those who should assist the poor and the disadvantaged will continue to express their doubts and hesitate in assisting needy children. The word free should be dropped completely unless all educational expenses are paid by government. Government needs to take up the matter of the cost of education very seriously. There are many people dropping out of school because of financial difficulties. There are some good people who want to assist but are not sure of government policy.

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  1. school administrators and the education authorities should shed more light on the education system.


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