Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year in advance

I know it's a bit early, but incase I forget or don't have time or don't makeit or get hold of you I am just taking this opportunity to thank everyone , Imean EVERYONE , who made 2009 a fabulous year.. Hoping 2010 will be even better. · For all those I've made promises to and never kept - it was not deliberatebut I will "improve" in 2010. · Those that I owe lunches, movies, night out , etc..., I'll fix that aswell, I'll make time . For sure.. · For those that have supported me and made me smile through all myhardships...I salute you! God bless you · For those I've disagreed with, argued with and just never got alongwith......well, I'm Sorry!!!!!!! Let's try again next year. · Those that I've hurt.....unintentionally/intentionally....I've alreadyapologized "I'm Sorry" again...and again I'm sorry · For those that stuck a knife in my back the past is all forgotten....forgiveness is the best revenge MAYBE!!! · For those that have let me down.....oh well.... I should have known better All the same those who cause others' misfortune teaches them wisdom · All the true friends that I have: you ROCK!!..Awesome! · Congratulations to all the new mommies & fathers, newly weds etc..., nofunerals no arms to town please. But all in all, you have all made 2009 a great year; I wish you and your lovedones prosperity, good health, wealth, happiness, greener pastures, abundantblessings through out 2010, · And Oh!! a wonderful festive season. May 2010 be the year you achieve wonderful achievements in God's guidance andstrength. May God give you Faith, Wisdom and Strength to face the unexpected visit ofMalign May the year 2010 be your year of victory, MAY GOD BE WITH YOU..........BE BLESSED!!!!!!! Wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year in advance

much love

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