Monday, December 21, 2009

Recommit, Refocus, Rejuvenate

As I sat on my bed
Pen in hand
Journal on lap
Mind splitting in tearing directions
My mind has declared vacation
Leaving my heart frantic
Mister Time mercilessly ticking by
A fresh year advancing fast
Reviewing months before
Alas some goals failed to materialise
Even when birthed from best intentions
Lack of focus escalating tension
Stop and take a deep breath,

Breath in breath out relax
Clear away clouds of mind fluff
Affirmations seeping through in comfort
Repeat, reaffirm, reassure,
Clutching these affirmations
Like a lifeline to regaining balance
Slowing down erratic heartbeats
A new chance to recommit will come again
Weaving up moments for one to refocus
Cuing one to rejuvenate as and when
Finally gathering my scattered wits

Affirming gently in my heart
Recommit, refocus, rejuvenate
Recommit, refocus, rejuvenate
Recommit, refocus, rejuvenate!

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